Welcome to my personal website. My name is David Gerónimo, but since 1996 I am also known as Yero in the Internet. I am Spanish, I live in Barcelona (Spain), though I have also lived in France and UK and I plan to move to another country in Europe soon :)

I love art in its many expressions, music of many different styles, philosophy, science, cooking and sports (specially football and running).

In this website I include a portfolio that contains most of the art works I have produced so far, together with some useful links and favourites in the "likes" section. You can have also a look at modulez.org, an amateur music portal I maintain. I hope you like the works!

Btw, in my professional life, I am a research scientist in Computer Vision and work as a postdoctoral researcher mainly focused on intelligent vehicles.

To contact me send an email to yero at yero dot org.